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Like all living things, Meador Enterprises has evolved over the years and taken many forms but has always focused on servicing customers. 

Meador was created in 2001 by Donald Meador who spent thirty years as an engineer in the garment industry. Donald brought that attention to detail, pricing, quality, and production to Meador. This ensures our customers receive quality products with fair market prices, a partner in creating goods that advertise customer's creativity and/or brand, a friendly environment conducive to treating employees and customers with respect, and attention to the nuances of each customer relationship. 

Meador has spent the past two decades perfecting our approach, fine-tuning our processes, and partnering with customers to fulfill their orders and provide personal feedback and assistance. 

The Meador Motto is simple - if you wouldn't buy it, why ship it to a customer? 

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Meador is better!

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