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Meador is a service-based, multi-faceted company specializing in decorating, pick-and-pack, and distributing. 

Meador strives to provide products our customers will be proud of using a total quality method.  Whether we're printing on denier polyester, cotton, or nylon, our print technicians utilize time-proven processes to decorate with your logo.

Previous customers have asked us to print on folding camp chairs, coolers, jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, tents, jackets, casserole keepers, etc.

Our design staff works close with customers to guide them through the creative phase of an order, to field questions, and to keep them appraised of any last minute, unforeseen changes that may occur. 

Screen Printing
Air Fusion Heat Transfer Press

Meador uses a plastisol hot-peel heat transfer that is durable, lasting as long as a traditional print, and gives the same look and feel as a printed image. 


By using custom heat press machines that provide the necessary temperature range, correct psi required with timed pressure, our images are embedded into the product with a much stronger bond than home hand irons can achieve.


There are benefits to heat transfer other than durability and adherence. Customers ordering larger quantities of transfers ensure lower costs and consistency on repeat orders.


Woman packing an order for delivery
Embroidery Machines

Whether a customer is looking to personalize a garment or place a logo on a company shirt or uniform, embroidery provides a more stylistic impression and a durable investment. 

In the past, Meador has decorated apparel of every kind (e.g. jackets, shirts, hats, etc.), blankets, coolers, folding camp chairs, and camo shotgun cases to name a few.  

We have the space. We have the people. We have the experience. Meador has completed jobs for customers in the golfing, mobile phone, and stationary industries. 

Meador offers standard shipping in addition to blind shipping services (which allows all shipments to show coming from your business).

Precision, cost efficiency, and  reliability are reasons why laser etching and engraving is a solid choice for decorating products.


Laser engraving is accurate down to the nanometer and out performs all other forms of engraving. Laser machines allow for adjustments to ensure precise cut or mark. This form of decoration is perfect for wood, leather, glass, or metal.  

50 watt laser engraver
Warehousing racks with products. Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara

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